By 2003 the club made a move out to Lindsay ON and a new name was given ‘The Boxing Factory’. That June the club hosted their first fights “Father’s Day Frenzy”. They also hooked up with the Boys and Girls Club and did fundraising events such as the Evening of Champions in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009. Guest speakers at these events included George Chuvalo, Spider Jones, Pinball Clemons & Brian Williams.

In March 2011, Kerry opened a second Club, Golden Gloves. This one in Peterborough ON, at the then Golds Gym (now Goodlife). This is when the present owner Jessica Swain Joined the Club. She started as a member, then went competitive under Kerry Hendren. After several years of competing, she decided it was time to simply train to stay in shape and start coaching. Golden Gloves hosted several fundraisers, for example for Easter Seals, with guest speakers such as Hockey star Dennis Hull. We hosted several fights at the Memorial Centre with the Agricultural Society, the Trent Winds Ballroom, the Rec Centre in Lindsay and the Lindsay Armouries as well. We also co-hosted events with the former Boxing Club Bel Boxing, at the Havelock Jamboree grounds and many fights at the Venue Nightclub, “Vengeance at the Venue”.

When the Club left Goodlife, it changed names one more time to the Scrapyard Boxing Club and moved downtown and shared space with Eris Martial Arts and Dohjo Muay Thai, but each club grew too big and needed their own space. On the move again, we had a brief stay at the Kingsway before moving back downtown to our present location.

Today, The Boxing Factory has been revived by a former student Justin Fisher, a student of Kerry Hendren’s. This is our affiliate Club. Just like Al Wilson, Kerry has decided to pass the ownership of the club to one of his students Jessica Swain. Still to this day The Scrapyard has maintained the coaching of former owners and Athletes Al Wilson, Dwight Kelusky, Neil Anderson, Richard Ayotte and Kerry Hendren. Combined, our Coaches have well over 150 years of experience in this one club. We have coached many Provincial and National Champions and are currently coaching Pro Boxer Jordan “New Age” McCue. Cannot think of a better family to join and train with!

The history of the Scrapyard Boxing Club is incredible! When shopping for a place to learn the sport of boxing, or compete, your look is over! In 1977 Al Wilson and Harold Jones opened Wilson’s Kickboxing. The boxing commission at the time rated Kickboxing as a professional sport, so the name changed to The Peterborough Boxing Club.

Al and Harold found space below the old voyager bus station on King St. Who remembers this spot? Today this is the King St parking Garage. The accomplishments of the Club and its athletes were amazing! The Peterborough Boxing Club held the Provincial Championships at Trent University in 1983 and had 4 provincial champs, Richard Ayotte, John Clark, Gary Cummings, and John Lawson. The Club hosted Closed Circuit Fights with Larry Holmes, Gerry Cooney and Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard & Tom Hearns! Also, in the 80’s the Peterborough Boxing Club held the first ever Professional Boxing Show in Peterborough at the Peterborough Memorial Centre with boxers Nicky Furlano & Eddie Melo. One more worth mentioning was the “Think you are tough Contest” in Lindsay with several athletes.

In 1993 the club was forced to move when the Voyager Bus Terminal was being torn down. At this time, Al became quite busy contracting homes, so one of his students, Kerry Hendren took over the reins. Kerry changed the name of the Club to The Blue Horizon Boxing Gym and they moved over to High St and were there for a couple of years. A little while later they moved in with Black Belt Family Fitness on Chemong Rd. Blue Horizon continued to add many accomplishments. The club ran 3 outdoor shows within 3 months at the Casino and in 1998 Blue Horizon held the boxing portion of the Ontario Winter Games at Adam Scott!

“To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”