What is Giga?

GigaProfits or Giga for short is a smart, yet simple online cloud based system for business owners to have all the necessary components & departments of a large company at their fingertips. This saves small business owners the staffing costs and management costs of hiring and managing a team of people to do the same Jobs & Tasks that Giga takes care of for you!

Why did Giga then become an All in One System?

Why not focus on one aspect of business? Well the reason is that the reality is that after being in small businesses for over 25 years we realized that there are many hats to wear by business owners and that having the basics in business means to have your marketing, sales,service, finance & management all working in unison. That is where Giga comes in as the Ultimate Easy to use Platform which integrates each of those areas together to complement each other while being able to improve and manage everything in one place online from anywhere, anytime!

When did Giga become an idea ?

Giga is an evolution of our amazing journey in small businesses after 25+ years of experience which feels like it just flew by. Through that experience we have found that every business is indeed a Funnel. We did not invent the concept of a Funnel however we do swear by it and it provides an important visual perspective to look at any business which is something that is not commonly used by small business owners. It was actually in 2013 that we started to design & build a Small Business Software named MySalesPlanner which we started to use in our businesses in 2015. It was awesome as we were not needing multiple apps and tools to manage and grow. Then is was in early 2017 that we added more integration with lead generating websites and landing ages which made Giga even more powerful. To add to it further in the middle of 2018 we started the build of an Ad Campaigns section so that Giga users can create and manage their own Advertising campaigns which is a huge addition and value to the Giga platform.

Our Company Values

Be Caring

We care because we are a team that understands business owners frustrations. Our quest is to be able to improve further our clients experience with true honest care.

Be Happy

Our happiness is an indicator of our success. Being successful and happy enables us to further help business owners like you to also become successful. We measure our success not with how happy our clients are!

Enjoy Feedback

Without the feedback of our clients we would never be able to improve. We enjoy the positive feedback from the many new additions that we add to Giga on a regular basis!