Partnership Program By GigaProfits

Our Partnership Program is designed for us to grow our Businesses together while improving your clients experience with true honest care.

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Some Partnership Benefits include...

Receive Commission Monthly

You will receive recurring referral commission on a monthly basis. This is all based on the valued Clients that you have referred to us. As a Partner with GigaProfits, all you have to do is refer clients to us for a monthly recurring source of cash! The more clients you refer, the bigger the commission payout becomes! We grow together!

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Features your Referrals will get from GigaProfits

GigaProfits is All in One System where your referrals can improve and manage everything in one place online from anywhere, anytime. Also, it's Easy to use Platform provides a lot of useful features for your referrals such as the ones listed below.

Create Advertising Campaigns

Easily create Advertising campaigns that keep producing results to bring you more potential clients. Take advantage of proven, ready to use ad templates in Giga’s template library! Creating Online Ads has never been easier!

Conversion Pages for Custom Campaigns

Create Conversion pages easily from our simple, easy to use Template Library of Conversion page templates which are proven to convert your Website visitors into Leads & Clients. These are specifically designed and tested to bring you more Leads, Online Bookings, Sales, and Clients for your Services & Products! This is one of our most popular features!

Social Media Posting & Post Scheduler

Create and post content to your business' Social Media Page through GigaProfits! Our quick and easy to use Social Post section allows you to create & manage all of your posts. You can even create a post but schedule it to go up on Social Media at a specific date and time! This is a great way to build up your brand and it helps your audience resonate with it.

Email Campaigns & Templates

You don’t need another platform to send email campaigns because it’s included in Giga. From Auto Email Campaigns, Booking Confirmations to Email Blasts containing a Special Promotion that you plan to send out, Giga has it all. You can also send custom Buy links for your products or services within your campaigns as well as Auto Confirmations, EWaivers, Contracts etc!

Point of Sale & Billing features

Giga Includes a POS section to help you to keep track of your inventory, products, purchases, etc. Bill your clients on Recurring payments, One time payments as well create Custom Memberships or Plans that can be posted to Social media or to your Website & Landing pages.

Sales & Staff Management for your Business

Create a Custom Sales process and have your staff use that same process to Convert your Leads into Clients who in turn pay for your Services & Products through the Giga platform. Giga also manages your schedule as well as your Staff members’ schedules to keep track and organize your reminders, appointments, showings, classes, events etc!

Mobile Business App with a convenient Client Login

A Custom mobile app Branded with your Company logo for you and your clients to access anytime from your mobile devices. You track your business while your Clients can manage their own personal accounts which enables them to book, renew or buy services & products. This is an awesome time saver for you and your clients while on the go!

Go Paperless to Sell Products & Services

What!! No more paper? Yes stop being prehistoric with your business and go completely paperless. Upload and use your Custom EWaivers & Contracts to Giga and your clients will receive a PDf copy of Signed Waivers as well as Purchase Invoices which are stored on the GigaCloud for your convenience!

Reports so you can measure your Success!

Conversions are important but only if you can track them right? The reporting section is great for keeping track of your business success. Business Owners usually miss out on keeping track so Giga helps by providing a simple easy to use dashboard for your reporting needs.

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