Club Terms of Service

1. A returned check will have a service fee of $25.00. For the second returned check, a $30.00 service charge will be assessed. Additionally, the above credit card/debit card will be debited for the returned check(s) plus any outstanding fees. Payment must be made in full at time of registration in order to secure your camp spot. Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

2. NO REFUNDS. If a pre-paid camp or event is cancelled or postponed by the organizer, a credit will be issued for an upcoming or replacement camp or event. Refunds will not be granted for missed attendance, voluntary withdrawal, or in the event of camper dismissal.

3. I understand that the intent of Loyalist Martial Arts Academy and Belleville’s Best Camps is to teach team-building, martial arts, physical and philosophical character building skills. I understand that Loyalist Martial Arts Academy is not a daycare facility, and is not equipped to provide one on one support, or accommodate specialized programming on an individual basis.

4. WAIVER & RELEASE: Buyer and Camper(s)agree that Camper(s) is engaging in physical exercise, the use of equipment, and the use of Loyalist Martial Arts Academy training and instruction facility, which can be dangerous to the Camper(s) and could cause injury or illness to Camper(s).Camper(s) is/are voluntarily participating in these activities and Buyer and Camper(s) assume all risks of injury or illness to Camper. Buyer and Camper hereby waive and release any claim or right to sue Loyalist Martial Arts Academy, employees or agents for injury or illness to Camper(s). Buyer and/or Camper have carefully read this waiver and release and fully understand, it is a release of all liabilities and damages to Loyalist Martial Arts Academy because of any injury or illness that may occur. Loyalist Martial Arts Academy will make no evaluation or recommendation whether Camper (s) or guests are physically fit for any exercise activities. It is always advisable to consult your physician before undertaking a physical exercise program, particularly martial arts activities.

5. LOSS/DAMAGE/THEFT OF STUDENT’SPROPERTY: Loyalist Martial Arts Academy does not assume any responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any property belonging to The Camper, and Camper agrees that the school and its personnel are not responsible for or liable for any such property even if its loss, damage, or theft occurs on or about the facility.

Parent Responsibility Checklist

I understand that I am responsible for picking up my child(ren) before 4:30pm, unless an after camp arrangement has been pre-determined and pre-paid at time of registration, extending no later than 5:00pm. For every minute my child is left waiting past 4:30pm, I will be charged $1 a minute.

I will send my child(ren) to camp without any cold or flu-like symptoms, and in the event of such symptoms appearing during camp, I consent to no-touch temperature screening and understand I will be called to retrieve my child(ren)

I understand that Loyalist Martial Arts Academy and Belleville’s Best Camps is staffed at a 1:10 camper ratio and are not equipped to provide one on one support, or accommodate specialized programming on an individual basis

I understand that if my child attends a field trip or camp at LMAA, I am responsible to have my child(ren) arrive before 9:00am. If my child is late, I will be responsible to bring my child to the field trip or camp, wherever it may be, or be charged a $25 transportation fee.

Child Responsibility Checklist

Healthy Lunch and 2 Snacks (no peanuts)
Water Bottle 
Book to Read or Quiet Activity 
Name Tag on All Personal Items
Change of Clothes
Weather Appropriate Outdoor Clothing 
NO electronic devices including cell phones